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PPE, Clothing and Uniforms Framework – 6 months on


By Myles Woodman


The PPE, Clothing and Uniforms framework has been well received by members for which the CPC are very grateful and take great pride in providing support with your requirements. We have seen a significant usage of the framework in only 6 months with over £1m spent through the available lots, which is a fantastic result. 

We have also already had more than triple the number of member quotes go through the CPC Quote Tool and Sourcing Cloud portal in these 6 months than the number the previous framework had in its whole life. This again is an amazing achievement and one that wouldn’t be possible without support from our members and dedicated suppliers.  

What we are doing to support members 

FAQ Document 

CPC has created a Frequently Asked Questions document to support members with any questions they may have. Advice from official bodies can sometimes be unclear as to what is relevant to individuals and institutions, so CPC wanted to create a space where members could easily find answers to questions and also more information on current hot topics.  

Key stock level and lead time data 

CPC have been liaising with the approved suppliers on the framework since it went live to find out key stock level and lead time data for high demand PPE items. This has helped us to inform members of the supplier’s stock levels and potential lead times for items that are in high demand, so they can ensure they are submitting opportunities in time to allow them to reopen safely. The help of the suppliers with this service has been exceptional, allowing us to support our members. 

Pricing forecasting 

CPC have also spoken to the approved suppliers on the framework regarding what they think will be happening to pricing over the coming month and 3-month periods. This has been very useful in helping us to guide members with critical information about the future of the PPE market so they can make best informed decisions and keep up to date with factors about pricing. 


CPC will continue to support you with all your related requirements and if you have any further questions please contact the contract manager, Myles Woodman on [email protected]

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