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Price update from Crown Paints


By Lisa O'Shea

The British Coatings Federation (BCF) have reported a surge in raw materials which is mounting pressure on paint manufacturers. Raw materials account for 50% of all costs within this industry, and with the addition of surging energy prices, the impact on providers cannot be avoided.

For a further, more detailed breakdown of how these costs are affecting suppliers, please see the BCF article from November 2021.

Crown Paints have made significant efforts to try and mitigate the impact of these increases, however they are now unable to hold off from writing to CPC to confirm that they will have to pass on some of these additional costs. Members should rest assured that they are still able to obtain significant discounted pricing of up to 63.5% off the RRP of Crown products and they are also able to assist members in saving costs and aid in CSR targets through recycling efforts.

Basket goods will be increasing by an average of 8.75%, and all other goods will have an average 5% increase. Updated price lists will be made available on the Crown Paints supplier page on the CPC website as of 1st May. We will continue to monitor the market with assistance from suppliers ahead of the framework retender, which we envisage will take place in good time to replace the current agreement, which expires 31stAugust 2022.

Members are reminded that the most effective way to gain value for money through our Paint and Decorating Supplies framework, is to run a competitive process; considering additional elements such as service quality and social value over a longer term contract.

For further information of what Crown Paints and the other suppliers on the framework can offer, please visit the individual supplier pages through the  CPC Paint and Decorating Supplies framework page.

Should any members have any queries relating to this article or the paint framework as a whole, please contact Senior Procurement Officer Lisa O’Shea on 0161 974 0947 or [email protected].

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