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Remember to award using CPC’s Quote Tool


By Rachel Burley

Please remember to award or close your quotes on the CPC Quote Tool. Awarding or closing your quote will alleviate any potential missing spend on your institutions spend reports as the CPC Quote Tool saves all award details you complete.

The CPC Quote Tool allows you to view all your institutions quotes and see who raised them. You may wish to discuss any unawarded quotes with the colleague that requested them to understand the reason why the quotes were not been progressed, this will assist your audit trail.

You can notify all suppliers that received your quote request in just a few minutes by following the steps shown in the video or the steps detailed below:

To award a quote on the CPC Quote Tool:

  1. Log-in to your account on the CPC website
  2. Click on ‘My Institutions Quotes’ in the website header
  3. Under the heading ‘Quote History’ on the My Institutions Quotes page, click on the ‘View History’ button
  4. Find the quote you would like to award or close in the quote list
  5. Under the heading ‘Action’ click on the ‘Award / close quote’ link
  6. Scroll down the page to the ‘Notify Suppliers’ section
  7. Select the ‘Submit Winning Supplier’ or ‘Close this Quotation Request’ button
  8. When awarding the winning supplier please select the winning supplier and add the award value
  9. Click the ‘Submit’ button
  10. Once you have awarded the winning supplier a trophy icon will appear under the ‘Action’ heading on your ‘My Institutions Quotes’ page
  11. Once you have awarded to the successful supplier you will receive a survey, we would really appreciate it if you you have the opportunity to complete it.

Please could you pass this guidance to everyone responsible for procurement in your institution.

Should you have any questions please contact the CPC Help Desk via email [email protected] or on 0800 066 2188.

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