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Staff Strategy Day


By Joshua Wood

The CPC team recently visited the picturesque Buile Hall for their annual Staff Strategy Day. As usual, the day was split into group presentations on innovative ideas CPC to look at over the next year. The day Included presentations on new approaches to customer services, possible improvements to our auxiliary support services and improvements to our framework portfolio. Every staff member had engaging ideas to bring to the table. With the strength of the suggestions made that day, the future plans for CPC are looking bright indeed.

The afternoon’s activities were organised by Joshua Wood and the staff were split into two teams to film mock adverts for CPC. Initial trepidation soon gave way to full blown excitement as the directors were barking out orders and the actors sulked in their trailers. The editing teams pulled their hair out trying to bring the producer’s vision to life and all the while, the script writers wrestled with rewrite after rewrite.

There were some admittedly odd scenes, including our catering expert wielding a banana whilst dressed head to toe in chef’s gear. As well as our customer service team doing their best Charlie’s Angels impression.

It has been agreed by the full CPC team that the adverts will never actually see the light of day outside the confines of the CPC office. Footage of our illustrious MD dressed as a nightclub bouncer, however, can be made available to the highest bidder.

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