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By Ashley Cox

In May's CPC Newsletter, we told you how members can follow the harmonised CPC brand on LinkedIn and X, but did you know CPC also has a new YouTube channel that is home to some of our special Giving Back films, highlighting purchases and projects backed by our flagship charitable initiative?

More than 130 UK education institutions have already reaped the benefits of their CPC membership by way of Giving Back funding since the initiative was founded in 2019. CPC’s YouTube channel currently shines a spotlight on several of them - each of whom happy to promote the positive difference that Giving Back support has made.

St. John Rigby College in Wigan was provided with an array of professional sports technology and equipment via the Giving Back scheme, empowering its Sports Science department to deliver a greater experience for its cohort of Sixth Form students and laying groundwork for potential careers adjacent to the professional sporting sector. With science increasingly integral to sport, Giving Back funding has been helping this college keep up the pace.

Hopwood Hall College & University Centre of Rochdale and Middleton submitted a bid for funding for their Technology Centre, which CPC was delighted to approve. Supporting engineering, construction and advanced manufacturing opportunities, Hopwood Hall's Technology Centre acts as a gateway and platform to aspiring trade professionals' next career steps, while serving as a practical hub for the nurturing of potential transformative skills.

Calderdale College of Halifax, West Yorkshire was another worthy beneficiary of CPC's Giving Back investment, facilitating resource digitisation and potentially invaluable learning surrounding some of the pitfalls facing young people in the 2020s. The impact and effectiveness of the CPC-backed programme was affirmed by Ofsted, while enabling students to access helpful material outside of college hours, as well as in the traditional, on-site setting.

Kendal College in Cumbria meanwhile enjoyed Giving Back financial support for the ideologically adjoined 'Pass It On' project, which saw theatrical practitioners provide valuable time and specialist skills for the college's students. They would subsequently a create workshop for primary schools, employing what they had learned. This project allowed Giving Back's altruistic impact and influential reach to spread across different age groups and institutions.

As well as showcasing Giving Back purchases and projects, CPC's YouTube channel is home to a video outlining our brand harmonisation of April 2024, which officially combined the pre-existing CPL Group registered charity, the long-established CPC entity with its 10,000+ members and purchasing frameworks and Tenet Education Services, whose own procurement support will be now presented under the Crescent Consultancy banner.

Be sure to subscribe to CPC's new YouTube channel as it grows for more from the new-look CPC brand.

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