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Switch, don’t stick with your current energy contract


By Peter McMullan

Sticking with your current energy provider can seem like the easier route for convenience but understanding your options can lead to significant long-term savings. Here is a guide to procuring a new transparent energy contract. 

A good starting point is to ensure you have a copy of your energy contract and records of your usage. You should make yourself aware of your contract expiration date and have a good understanding of your termination notice, as this will place you in good stead.   

There is often a misconception that a termination notice will end your contract early or prevent you receiving a renewal offer but this is not the case. Good practice is to undertake this anyway to enhance your position and keep your options open. 

Your termination notice details can be found in the terms and conditions that accompany your contract. The termination notice can be up to 6 months so it is important to check in advance. There are also some circumstances in which you can be rolled onto ‘out of contract’ rates if notice is not given.  Once you’ve concluded the termination notice process you can look at switching.  

Even if your energy contract is not up for renewal yet but you want to switch for longer term certainty, you can procure up to two years in advance and take advantage of prevailing market conditions.  

CPC understand switching energy providers can seem daunting and the potential time burden this places on educational establishments, in addition to the current challenges faced by Covid-19 and the very changing regulatory landscape.  However, CPC’s energy specialist, Dukefield Energy (previously trading as UPG), can provide support throughout the process. They require a minimum of information and will provide no obligation, multi energy supplier, procurement regulation compliant quotes. These will be benchmarked against current costs for your review, with 100% Renewable (Green) options to boost sustainability, CSR and aide Net Zero ambitions.  

Dukefield Energy, having a minimum of information at the start can take care of the remaining process on your behalf and many members using the service have confirmed that they are a safe pair of hands. They will also be more than happy to schedule a Teams meeting at your convenience to provide further information or to answer any queries you may have. 

Please visit the CPC Utilities Supplies and Services framework to find out more about how we can free up your time in relation to an area of core operational spend with Utilities, enabling you to focus on more urgent and pressing priorities, whilst still securing a strong budgetary position for the future. 

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