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The importance of wellbeing - what you can do to help yourself and others


What do we mean by wellbeing? 

The term ‘well-being’ has become more prominent in our vocabulary over the last few months– but what do we actually mean by this and how can we really pay attention and make a positive difference?  Seymour John Ltd, one of the specialist HR Services Consultants on the CPC HR and Payroll Services framework provide us with their thoughts and expertise in the following article: 

Essentially, when we talk about our well-being, we are considering our levels of comfort, health and happiness. What constitutes these aspects will be different for each of us and therein lies the complexity: for organisations especially, we can’t assume everyone is motivated by the same things.  

Ultimately, if we fail to pay attention to our well-being needs, we will likely suffer as a result. This is no longer just something to think about if we get time or a ‘nice to have’, it is essential in challenging times like these.  

Use what you already have at your disposal 

A good place to start would be to understand what makes us feel well and happy. Where do we get our energy and motivation from? How is this different from those around us?  

There are some general factors which are known to contribute to general feelings of being motivated and engaged. We need: 

  • Clarity 
  • Confidence and 
  • an understanding of consequences 

How we react to situations however will vary from person to person. The current pandemic and impact on our ways of working serves as a powerful example of this. 

It’s not just about ploughing on regardless 

Rest is vital. There are no medals for going at things at 100mph constantly. We will only succeed in burning ourselves out and then we are useless to everyone, including ourselves.  

Some ideas may include: 

  • Taking a walk and getting close to nature even for 20 minutes or so: this can serve as a vital reminder of the amazing things that are going on around us and give us a sense of perspective about our place in the world 
  • Having a break from technology: as much as technology has its benefits, we are now so used to having the world at our fingertips and being readily available. Give yourself some time away and you may be surprised at how much calmer you feel. Your sleep will undoubtedly be improved too! 
  • Change the environment: moving away from your workstation and having a temporary change of scene can do wonders for your energy levels   
  • Instead of a video call, why not have a ‘walking meeting’ with a colleague on the other end of the phone? Switch up your environment and you may find that ideas flow more readily. It will certainly allow you to connect with others in a deeper way.  

Loosen expectations 

Where so much has changed in our current ways of life, it may become necessary to reassess ‘what good looks like’ –both at home and in a work context. 

Instead, focusing on shorter-term goals so that you can feel confident in your performance and contribution, will be more beneficial given the current context. 

It is also important to take some time out to focus not just on what is still to be done, but what has already been achieved and what has gone well? How did the action you took personally help to drive this outcome? How will you turn the volume up on these things so that you can gain confidence and replicate?  

This is our opportunity 

It is true that we have lost a lot of what we considered to be our ‘normal’ life and are still perhaps thinking in terms of what’s been taken away. Now is our opportunity to flip this on its head and ask: What have we gained through these enforced changes? What are the opportunities in this situation? 

Time is certainly something most of us will have more of. It will offer space to think properly for the first time in a long time for many people. The medium might be different but ironically, in a time of lockdown, our levels of meaningful communication are increasing.  

Let’s be aware of the opportunities and benefits as they present. Let’s be aware that you and those around you are in this together. Seymour John Ltd. 

This article was written by Seymour John Ltd who are one of the suppliers on CPC’s Outsourced HR & Payroll Services framework 

Should your institution be looking to procure HR Consultancy Services, the framework provides you with access to three fully vetted and experienced HR Consultancy organisations you can invite to tender for your requirements.  Should you require any further information on the framework, please contact CPC Contract Manager Ria Logan at [email protected] or 0161 974 0955.  

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