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Total Facilities Management Framework Launch


By Keeley Blackburn

CPC are pleased to inform you that the mandatory standstill period has passed without challenge and the Total Facilities Management framework was launched to members on Monday 14 August 2017.

The framework is split into 13 regional lots and the successful suppliers are listed on this spreadsheet.

The following services are covered under the framework:

  • Building Cleaning Services (Major Service)
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Building Fabric Maintenance Services (Major Service)
  • Catering Services (Major Service)
  • Manned Guarding Services (Major Service)
  • Waste Management Services (Minor Service)
  • Grounds Maintenance Services (Minor Service)
  • Estates Management (Minor Service)
  • Additional Services – Reception, Postal, Energy, Water (Minor Service)

Members will be able to call off as a minimum two of the services listed above under one TFM contract but are encouraged to utilise as many of the services available. A comprehensive user guide and mini competition template will be made available for members to assist them when calling off from the framework.

If you have any questions please contact Senior Contracts & Procurement Officer, Keeley Blackburn at [email protected].

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