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TUCO dish up healthy fruit and veg framework


By CPC Helpdesk

In the preceding edition of our CPC Newsletter, we re-introduced our members to TUCO (The University Catering Association), with this follow-up feature highlighting one of the specific purchasing frameworks currently on offer to CPC member institutions around the United Kingdom.

One of the various TUCO buying frameworks at our members’ disposal is the Fresh Fruit and Vegetables and Related Products agreement, which assembles no fewer than 27 suppliers across a total of 13 lots and, having gone live last year, this will be active until 2nd October 2024, with a two-year extension option.

It has been said that eating healthy can help stabilise a child’s mood, as well as sharpening their minds, yet education institutions face continued challenges due to the nature of the (often unnatural) food marketed primarily at children, as well as cost and supply chain issues that now affect some healthier options.

Happily, the TUCO Fresh Fruit and Vegetables and Related Products framework activates healthy supplier competition to connect institutions with the supply of nutritious fruit and veg across the length and breadth of the UK, with provision for both north and south Wales, plus Northern Ireland and Scotland, as well as London, the North West, North East, West Midlands, East Midlands, South East, South West and East of England, not forgetting Yorkshire & Humber.

A legally compliant framework in line with Public Contract Relations 2015, TUCO's Fresh Fruit and Vegetables and Related Products offering is free for CPC members to use and can help make your institution's procurement of these essential sustainance supplies a smoother, simplified process, saving you time and attention by eliminating the need to independently undertake a total procurement exercise, not to mention the potential savings stimulated by more competition.

Please note that TUCO also regularly audit nominated suppliers to this framework, in order to assist in the management and the reduction of food safety risks.

To utilise this framework, CPC members are advised to add a free TUCO membership, which can be acquired via this online form or by calling 0161 713 3420.

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