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TUCO's Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) offerings


By Ashley Cox

The University Caterers Organisation, TUCO, can offer various resources adjacent to their catering provision, including these Dynamic Purchasing Systems, as accessible to all CPC members via a free TUCO membership. 

While their previous Temporary Structures DPS expired in the month of May, there is still ample time remaining to engage TUCO's Vending DPS and Food Waste Management DPS, with the flexible and user-friendly style of these Dynamic Purchasing Systems allowing fresh suppliers to come on board across the lifespan of their particular DPS.

Much like CPC's framework agreements, a DPS serves as a gateway to its suppliers, facilitating the procurement of required goods, services and works, but benefitting from a handful of key differences. With a DPS, there is no fixed window of application for suppliers, who can continue to try to be added throughout. Furthermore, there is no cap or restrictions on the number of suppliers accepted, suggesting any additional providers may instigate even fiercer competition as the DPS continues; something which could, in turn, stimulate superior value for money for its users.

Of extra note, while a conventional purchasing framework will see pricing fixed at the point of tender, a DPS sees it determined at the contract stage and, unlike such a framework, a DPS does not offer a direct award facility, instead focusing solely on its inter-supplier competition. For further information on the function of a DPS, click here.

Vending DPS

TUCO's Vending DPS option promotes a variety of accessible food and drink storage solutions, with its eleven-lot formation housing a healthy number of present suppliers that can provide institutions with vending machines for their school, academy, college or university premises (as well as connected services, systems and other products).

Free to use via membership of TUCO, who regularly audit their nominated suppliers to aid in the reduction and management of food safety risks, the wide scope of this Vending DPS covers categories including confectionary snacks, bottles/cans and hot drinks, to name just a few, with mobile and express vending focuses also available.

This DPS will be available to utilise until the end of September, with further details and suppliers compiled here.

Food Waste Management DPS

Meanwhile, TUCO's Food Waste Management DPS aims to facilitate efficient, sustainable and cost-effective food waste collections, with its related services catered to clients at city and campus-style sites and a DPS lifespan that runs through October 2024, with an extended end date of 31st October 2025, as per CPC's dedicated DPS page.

With widespread coverage and regional supply across the nine divided lots, Food Waste Management DPS users can benefit from on-site food waste innovation, off-site food waste collection, catering packaging waste solutions and provisions for surplus catering equipment, plus a number of additional resources on top, as detailed here

Removing the need for your institution to undertake its own full, independent procurement exercise, this Dynamic Purchasing System brings together specialists who can help with your food waste management, with its potential saving opportunities augmenting the benefits of simplified, compliant purchasing for the UK education sector.

As mentioned, CPC members are also eligible to become members of TUCO, just complete the membership application form or call 0161 713 3420 (we encourage you to reference your existing CPC membership status).

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