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Use the Master Vendor lot on CPC’s Temporary and Permanent Staffing framework


The Temporary and Permanent Staffing framework covers teaching and support roles within an education institution. The framework covers all requirements from temporary workers to permanent staff and incorporates 29 suppliers across 16 lots, which are set up as follows:

Lot Number Lot Type Lot Description
1 Academic Staff FE/HE
2 Academic Staff Schools and Academies
3 Support Staff East Anglia
4 Support Staff East Midlands
5 Support Staff London
6 Support Staff Northern Ireland
7 Support Staff North East
8 Support Staff North West
9 Support Staff Scotland
10 Support Staff South East
11 Support Staff South West
12 Support Staff Wales
13 Support Staff West Midlands
14 Support Staff Yorkshire
15 Support Staff National
16 Master Vendor Master Vendor

This blog article is concerned with Lot 16 of the framework and the benefits of appointing a Master Vendor to take full responsibility for the sourcing and placement of staff for your institution.

What is a Master Vendor?

A Master Vendor Managed Service Provider (MSP) is one where the supplier manages the entire process on behalf of a client and provides capable staff registered with themselves, as well as staff from other agencies. The Master Vendor once appointed, works with the client to glean a full understanding of their requirements together with learning their operational protocols. The Master Vendor and client will normally work together via a dedicated and integrated IT platform which enables bookings to be uploaded onto the provider’s Virtual Management System (VMS), or the booking may be telephoned or emailed to the MSP. The automated system then evaluates the candidate pool and seeks to allocate the most appropriate candidate for the advertised role. Should the system be unable to fulfil the booking, it will then outsource it to the other agencies based on their tiering status.

The provision is seamless for client’s receiving this service as the supply chain agencies contract directly with the MSP on back to back contracts, reflecting the terms and conditions of the call off contract. These include SLA and KPI’s with full compliance and audit checks undertaken – reducing risk to the client.

The last two years has witnessed some development of hybrid models, typically combining elements of master and neutral vendors.  An example would be a High volume, easier-to-fill category such as business support. The MSP will provide a Master Vendor service with direct vacancy fill, supported by tiered suppliers and for more specialist roles which the managed service provider does not have capability to supply directly or geographically cannot fulfil, then neutral vendor approach is implemented with 100% of supply going to a dedicated supply chain.

The key benefits of using a Master Vendor are:

  • Management of the entire temporary recruitment process including:
    • supplier management
    • recruitment advertising
    • payroll
    • management reporting
    • consolidated invoicing
  • Simplification of communication channels and optimisation of the supplier's base brings many potential advantages and should enable a quantifiable cost reduction.
  • Streamlines processes and allows for complete transparency and visibility. Master Vendor solutions enable greater consistency of selection criteria, rates and management of contingent workers. Compliance with Agency Workers Regulations is assured and the service delivery can be integrated seamlessly into existing infrastructure.
  • Frees up line management to focus on project delivery and allows HR to concentrate on core functions instead of temporary recruitment needs including:
    • cost reduction and improved compliance
    • service consistency and standardisation
    • increased control for the customer through one point of contact
    • consistent and visible management information
    • encourages local and central relationships
    • consolidation of billing and invoicing
    • 100% fulfilment is achievable

The Master Vendor model offers added value options such as Staff Bank Management/Talent Pools, permanent recruitment and outplacement services which may all be utilised by their clients.

CPC and our suppliers on the framework are often asked if the fees are payable when temporary employees are taken on by the client on a permanent basis. The section below provides an overview of these fees and how they will operate under the framework.

Temp to perm fees

Members should be aware that the framework has a temp to perm fee within the call-off terms and conditions, this must be negotiated and agreed between our members and suppliers prior to signing the call-off terms and conditions. The framework fee is not applicable 12 weeks after the temporary worker has completed the placement at the member institution. Therefore, if a member wishes to offer a temporary worker a permanent role before this time then the negotiated fee will apply.

Find out more

The Temporary and Permanent Staffing framework offers flexible solutions to meet the requirements of all CPC members. Members have the option to direct award or conduct a mini competition when utilising the framework, visit the framework webpage to find out more, to download useful documentation and to use the framework.

Please contact the Contract Manager, Ria Logan by email on [email protected] or call 0161 974 0955 for further information and guidance about the framework or to discuss options relating to the appointment of a Master Vendor.

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