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Utilities Supplies & Services framework launch


By Peter McMullan


CPC are delighted to announce the launch of our brand-new, EU compliant, Utilities Supplies and Services Framework. This is the first framework of its type from CPC to cater specifically for the energy needs of education establishments. The key drivers for this framework are pricing transparency, ensuring members utilities contracting arrangements represent best value and to ‘demystify’ the energy market through appropriate advice, guidance and support to Members.

The provision of energy and support services under this framework will be provided by Utilities Procurement Group (UPG) as the dedicated Utilities Supplies and Services framework provider to all CPC Members. The framework commenced on 22nd October 2018 for 2 years with an option to extend 2 periods of up to 12 months each.

UPG will service the utility requirements of CPC members, via their EU compliant frameworks. As a CPC member, you will have access to a full coverage Utilities Service, encompassing:

  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas

The framework is split into two lots:

Lot 1 - <750,000kWh consumption p/annum
Lot 1 is aimed at members with lower levels of energy consumption. Primarily these institutions are likely to include Schools, Academies, Free Schools, Private and Independent Schools

Lot 2 - >750,000kWh consumption p/annum
Lot 2 is aimed at members with higher levels of energy consumption. Primarily these institutions are likely to include Academy Trusts, Further Education and Sixth Form Colleges and Universities.

The Utilities Supplies & Services Framework is designed to provide value for money through experienced energy market monitoring and strategy. Members can expect competitive energy pricing through the flexibility offered when it comes to pricing and supplier options.

Users of the Utilities Supplies & Services Framework will also have access to UPG’s value added services including:

Direct query resolution: UPG liaise directly with energy providers on your behalf

Technical expertise: From energy management solutions such as bespoke consumption reporting and budgetary assistance, to non-energy cost optimisation and load management advice, UPG will ensure a member’s procurement process is efficient and cost effective, ongoing throughout the contract

Bill validation: UPG will check for correct rates and calculation of invoices, challenging any errors

To find out more information about this framework, please use the contact information below or refer to the user guide on the framework web page.

Tel:   03453 020041
Email:   [email protected]
Visit:   http://upg-ltd.co.uk/
Alternatively, please contact the CPC Contract Manager, Peter McMullan, Senior Contracts & Procurement Officer, via email [email protected] or on 0161 974 0950.

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