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Vape detection technology to improve school safety


By CPC Helpdesk

With concern about the rise of schoolyard vaping on the public agenda of late, CPC framework suppliers Secure and Protect Solutions have shared details of a new vape detection offering.

Approved suppliers on our Security Systems purchasing framework, Secure and Protect Solutions understand that creating a safe and healthy learning environment is a top priority for schools, which is why they are thrilled to introduce their latest innovation - vape detection technology.

Why vape detection technology?

Vaping has become a widespread concern in schools, impacting the wellbeing and focus of students. This state-of-the-art vape detection technology is poised to be a game-changer in addressing this issue head-on. Employing advanced sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, the technology is designed to identify vaping aerosols in real time, ensuring a secure and conducive learning environment.

Key features of vape detection technology:

  • Comprehensive detection: identifies vaping, smoking, nicotine, THC and other emissions.
  • Keyword sensing: intelligently spots keywords associated with bullying and distress, promoting a safer school environment.
  • Noise anomaly and tamper alerts: predicts and responds to potential fights, vandalism and aggression, ensuring a proactive approach to school safety.
  • Air quality monitoring: tracks and notifies for seven metrics related to indoor air quality, contributing to the overall wellbeing of students and staff.

Benefits for your school:

  • Promoting health and wellbeing: swift identification and intervention for students struggling with addiction or peer pressure.
  • Maintaining a focused learning environment: minimises disruptions from vaping incidents, allowing teachers and students to concentrate on education.
  • Enhancing accountability: provides clear evidence of vaping incidents, enabling administrators to take actions and educate students on consequences.
  • Cost effective: an economical and efficient solution that reduces the need for round-the-clock human surveillance.

Want to learn more?

Secure and Protect Solutions invite you to explore the possibilities of vape detection technology in your school. Contact the team for a detailed discussion and they can provide demos, along with a complimentary site survey to tailor a package that suits your school's unique needs. Creating a secure and protected environment for your students is a shared commitment and this vape detection technology is a powerful tool in achieving this goal.


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