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Cost and time savings achieved with CPC’s IT hardware framework


Kings Norton Girls' School Sixth Form used the ICT Hardware and Peripherals Equipment framework and achieved such wonderful results they used it again shortly after the initial procurement!

The school had a requirement for 50 desktop computers with accompanying warranties. This was the first time they had used CPC's framework for the supply of their IT hardware and they experienced some fantastic benefits including time savings, cost savings and new supplier relationships.

Quicker turnaround times

The turnaround using the CPC framework was much faster than their previous IT procurements. Previously the school had contacted individual suppliers directly who were already known to them or had asked contacts in their network for supplier recommendations. Clare Skinner, Business Manager at the school and sixth form described the overall experience:

Quick and easy – order placed within a week, no toing and froing or negotiation!

Time savings

The framework enabled the school to save time as there wasn’t the need for negotiation due to cost effective bids they received via the CPC Quote Tool. The tool removed the requirement for them to contact three or more suppliers individually to gain quotes. The school just needed to input their requirements once on the CPC website and then the tool sent the request to all suppliers on the framework’s Desktop PC Solutions lot on their behalf. The suppliers then submitted their offering to the school via email for their review and selection.

Cost savings

The school were pleased to achieve cost savings of over £100 per item with the trade in amount included - this saving is measured against a quote from the school’s usual supplier. They were also delighted to form relationships with the fully vetted suppliers they accessed via the framework.

Overall experience

The school found the experience so brilliant that when asked if they would use the framework again, Clare Skinner, Business Manager said:

We just ordered more IT equipment for the school via the CPC this week. It took 72 to hours to tender, quote and order more IT equipment with some being delivered today - fantastic!

Jane Edwards, CPC’s Category Manager for AV and ICT said:

It’s great to hear Clare had such a good experience using the framework and that the school saved money and time as part of the process. We look forward to Kings Norton Girls’ School & Sixth Form hopefully using more of our frameworks for their requirements. It is lovely to hear positive feedback, especially as this is the first framework I have let at CPC.