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Management of complete tender process by the On Demand team for Tyne Coast College


Management of complete tender process by the On Demand team

Tenet Education Services were engaged by Tyne Coast College (a large and long-established FE institution in South Shields, Tyne and Wear) for a specific On Demand tender. In this case, Tenet's core objective was to conduct a compliant procurement process for the provision of Maths and English initial and diagnostic testing software, a new contract for the college.

The institution itself was keen to explore the available options and test the market to achieve procurement regulation compliance, as well as compliance with their internal regulations. The resulting project was conducted via an open request for quotation, which would allow as wide an opportunity as possible to connect with potential new suppliers for this service.

A rapid turnaround was required for the project, which commenced in mid-May, with the contract awarded mere weeks later, at the end of June. Our contact at Tyne Coast College was new to procurement, having not been involved in such a process before this project.

Our strategy

Approximately four days of support was provided during the procurement process, including online meetings. There were, however, no presentations made and no site visits carried out, while the contract used was the suppliers' own. Recommendations were provided regarding award criteria, weightings and the timetable to enable the process to successfully meet the college's deadlines. Further activity was completed on behalf of the institution to procure additional IT. Our On Demand service served to manage the complete tender process.


Tenet and Tyne Coast College finalised a compliant process that identified and finalised the appointment of a new and experienced supplier, one capable of delivering the college's outlined requirements. This was all achieved within a relatively restricted timeframe, as desired. One notable outcome was a welcome alleviation of pressure on the institution's Head of English and Maths, who was managing GCSEs at the same time as this process.

‘You have been exceptional in your guidance and support, as a ‘first timer’ going through this process, I found your guidance, communication and professionalism, invaluable.’
Louise Newton
Head of English & Maths
Tyne Coast College