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Contact us early to get your local contractors added onto CPC’s new Minor Works DPS


By Peter McMullan

Should you have an upcoming minor works requirement and are considering using CPC’s new Minor Works DPS solution for your project, we would encourage you to contact Contract Manager Peter McMullan at the earliest opportunity. Engaging with us early means we can work with you to signpost any of your trusted contractors to the DPS, so that you can continue to extend tendering opportunities to them. Unlike traditional framework agreements, the DPS remains open to new contractors throughout its duration and any supplier meeting the advertised selection criteria will be awarded a place on the DPS. 

We have worked with many CPC members to help signpost their local contractors to the DPS since it was launched in October 2020. Being listed on the DPS, allows these local contractors to participate in further competitions published by any CPC members within their locality. Most supplier applications can be processed in a matter of days, subject to all the selection criteria being met.

Based on our experiences to date, CPC recommends that as part of your pre-market engagement that you confirm what DPS Lot you are intending to use when you publish the further competition. Only those contractors awarded a place on the relevant Lot at the point of further competition publication will be invited to participate in it. We can advise your contractors which lots will be used when signposting opportunities to them. Contractors added after the publication will not be invited to participate so it is essential to engage with us as early as possible so that potential contractors can be added to the DPS in advance of any further competitions.

Should you have any queries or would like to discuss signposting your incumbent supplier to the Minor Works DPS, please contact Contract Manager Peter McMullan at: [email protected] or on 0161 974 0950.

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