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CPC’s new procurement solution for building works is now live


By Peter McMullan

The new CPC Minor Works Dynamic Purchasing System is the place to look if you are searching for building contractors to quote for a wide range of works from roofing repairs to electrical installations or from window replacement to general refurbishments.  The advantage is it can not only be used to get quotes from pre-qualified and experienced contractors but you can also get your local contractor involved.

We have listened to our members’ feedback and have created our first ever Dynamic Purchasing System (or DPS for short)! A DPS is a procurement tool for works, services and goods, similar to a framework agreement but new suppliers can apply to join at any time.

A DPS is run using a two-stage process. During the initial setup stage all suppliers who have met the set criteria have been admitted to the DPS (although new suppliers can join at any time). The second stage of a DPS is where contracts are awarded. This is where you can invite all suppliers on the DPS or within the relevant construction category to bid for your contract.

We have divided the DPS into a number of categories to enable you to engage the services of suitably qualified and experienced contractors in these areas:

Lot 1

General Building/Construction/Maintenance

Lot 16


Lot 2

Doors & Windows

Lot 17

Modular Buildings

Lot 3

Electrical & Lighting

Lot 18

Fencing & Gates

Lot 4

Plumbing & Drains

Lot 19


Lot 5


Lot 20


Lot 6


Lot 21


Lot 7

General Flooring & Screed

Lot 22

Painting & Decorating

Lot 8


Lot 23


Lot 9

Cladding / Insulation

Lot 24

Ceramic Tiling

Lot 10


Lot 25

Internal Walls & Ceilings

Lot 11


Lot 26

Curtains & Blinds

Lot 12


Lot 27


Lot 13


Lot 28

Air Monitoring

Lot 14

Roads / Highways / Traffic

Lot 29

Safety Equipment (incl. Fall Arrest System)

Lot 15

Civil Engineering & Groundworks



Additionally, your local contractor can apply to be on the DPS too at any time. This allows you to get quotations for the work from your local contractors and it gives you access to other contractors that have passed a vetting process to compare quotations against.

CPC will do the necessary due diligence on your local contractor, e.g. financial stability checks, health and safety record and process checks, environmental management checks, quality management checks, reducing the risk of this not being done or saving the you time in having to carry out this due diligence. Contractors also benefit as the DPS increases their opportunities to win business!

How to use the CPC Minor Building Works DPS:

  1. Call 020 3920 8054 to request a user account for CPC Sourcing Cloud.
  2. Produce a description of the works you require to be carried out and a timetable of works – see our DPS further competition template for tips and more information.
  3. Log into CPC Sourcing Cloud, view the DPS, create a competition, attach your further competition documentation and send to the DPS suppliers in your chosen category. Should you need help creating a competition via the DPS on CPC Sourcing Cloud call 020 3920 8054 for a free training webinar.
  4. Respond to any questions from the DPS contractors throughout the further competition period.
  5. Once the quotation deadline has passed, log back into CPC Sourcing Cloud, download the quotation responses, evaluate and award your contract.


Should you be ready to start the process yourself but have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the CPC DPS Contract Manager Peter McMullan on 0161 974 0950 or [email protected].

However, if you are ready to start the process but would like the support of a procurement consultant, Tenet’s team of tender specialists can run this process for you.  Contact [email protected] for more information on the service they can provide.



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