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Gimme five! Exploring CPC's framework catalogue


By Ashley Cox

Did you know CPC provides access to no fewer than 88 purchasing frameworks? Here's five of the compliant framework agreements our 10,000+ registered members can currently benefit from…

Print and Design Services

The first of our famous five is our Print and Design Services framework, which was launched in February of 2022. This easy to use and time-saving agreement is divided into two separate lots, with Lot 1 handling the provision of print and design, while Lot 2 offers a fully managed print service.

With a roll call of ten ratified suppliers that each offer social value, the framework as a whole encompasses both traditional print and digital design, thus institutions might benefit from this agreement when revamping their virtual identity, as well as acquiring some staple learning resources for their desks and classroom walls.

Whether looking for posters or wall stickers, flyers or curriculum booklets, the Print and Design Services framework from CPC can assist, as well as providing basic design, artwork and page layout solutions and alternative format provisions, such as braille and alternative languages.

This established agreement is scheduled to remain active and accessible to CPC members until 18th February 2025, with a potential one-year extension also in play. To enquire about making use of Crescent Purchasing Consortium's Print and Design Services purchasing framework, contact the Contract Manager, Rezia Begum.

Promotional Merchandise and Clothing, Vouchers & Gift Cards 

Whether you’re a school, academy, college or university, the introduction of bespoke promotional merchandise can help to build a sense of team-like loyalty and belonging at your institution. You might be running a one-off event or recognising outstanding achievements on the sports field. Or you might want to show your institution at its very best the next time your Open Day comes around. Whatever the scenario, CPC's Promotional Merchandise and Clothing, Vouchers & Gift Cards framework can connect you with a variety of vetted and approved suppliers who have expertise and resources to help support a multitude of different projects.

Established in 2023 as a retender of the preceding Promotional Merchandise offering, this particular CPC buying framework could be your go-to for the procurement of brandable products, with examples like promotional bags, drinkware, keychains and stationery all within its remit. Comprised of three lots in total, education establishments in search of brandable clothing supply are meanwhile directed to Lot 2, which can connect you with providers of everything from t-shirts and polo shirts to ties, hats, scarves and aprons.

With no fewer than 15 contracted suppliers, the Promotional Merchandise and Clothing, Vouchers & Gift Cards framework will run until 29th April 2025, with a one-year extension option. For further details on the agreement and how it can support your institution, Contract Manager Rezia Begum is again your contact of choice.

Broadcast Equipment and Integration Services

Continuing to highlight some of the more creative-centred frameworks in our catalogue, CPC was delighted to promote a new Broadcast Equipment and Integration Services framework last year and we are keen to shine a spotlight on it once more, as part of this special spring round-up. Managed by our partners at the North West Universities Purchasing Consortium (NWUPC), the Broadcast Equipment and Integration Services agreement went live on 1st July and will remain in place until 30th June 2025, with a two-year further extension option.

With a wave of self-publishing platforms offering new opportunities for in-house productions to see the light of day, one might expect this framework to attract a decent level of interest, as institutions act to support their aspiring young presenters and performers appropriately. At the same time, the enduring popularity of school productions and concerts hints at a widespread demand for the technical equipment that brings these kind of events to life. This Broadcast Equipment and Integration Services framework can help support a variety of venture types, supplying kit fit for theatre and studio environments, as well as the classic school stage.

Split into two lots, NWUPC's Broadcast Equipment and Integration Services offering represents a compliant and simple solution for institutions to procure video, camera, lighting, rigging and amplification equipment and more, with the latter lot focusing on supply and integration, including associated services. Extra information on how you can use this framework is available from CPC Procurement Manager, Jane Edwards.

Building Cleaning

Another framework introduced last summer, CPC's Building Cleaning agreement offers welcome procurement support for the education sector, tackling what can be a particularly complex field of purchasing. Specific cleaning requirements may vary significantly based on the nature of a premises, but this updated framework, as activated in June of last year, can connect our member institutions with specialist suppliers that are primed to provide a variety of janitorial, caretaking and connected cleaning-centric services. The result is a simplified approach to achieving your cleaning goals, be they one-off jobs, recurring visits or deep cleanses during school holiday shutdowns.

The Building Cleaning framework has no fewer than 15 regional lots in its make-up, covering England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as the Channel Islands. An additional 'national' lot features as well, with a dozen or more suppliers approved for each lot, ensuring institutions using this framework have access to a wide selection of approved suppliers, whatever part of the wider United Kingdom they are based in. This lot might be useful to entities operating institutions based in different regions, such as multi-academy trusts. By consolidating their sites' various cleaning provisions into one deal, both contract and economic efficiencies could be created.

With an end date of 31st May 2025, and the option of an additional year to follow, CPC's Building Cleaning framework employs regional and national competition to help our members achieve better value for money outcomes. Notably, this agreement has been recommended by the UK's Department for Education (DfE), whose Schools Commercial Team (SCT) assesses a range of nominated agreements for their suitability, plus ease of use and regulatory compliance, as well as said value for money, all while taking school feedback into consideration. More information on this framework can be obtained from Procurement Manager, Keeley Blackburn.

Legal Services

Finally, our affiliated Legal Services framework is another active agreement to be approved by the DfE, developed to provide our members from the UK education sector with a comprehensive set of services, supporting compliant acquisition of legal service requirements from small to high value. Live since 1st June 2022, this agreement may be utilised by CPC members to its end date of 31st May 2025, with a 12-month extension option.

A comprehensive solution, this current Legal Services offering is able to cover a complete range of legal service needs, from employment law and contracts and contract law to public procurement law and procurement advice. The framework can supply services related to academy conversion, mergers, insolvency, dispute resolution, intellectual property law, HR and corporate finance, plus more, making it a potentially invaluable resource. 

Efficient and easy to use, eight different suppliers populate the Legal Services framework, with most covering the majority of its seven distinct lots. These lots focus on a succession of different areas, from specifically education-related legal services to property to HR, pensions and people, as well as a UK-wide one-stop-shop to employ. 

CPC members using this agreement can opt for direct award or conduct a further competition exercise that invites tenders from all suppliers, while the CPC Quote Tool and CPC Sourcing Cloud are both available, pending whether your institution's purchase totals below or above the outlined VAT-inclusive threshold of £214,904, respectively.

Please note that since the reclassification of English FE colleges in January, your threshold amount may differ.

We encourage anyone eager to learn more about what Legal Services can offer to visit its framework page.

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