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No win, no fee for contractors wishing to apply for a place on CPC’s Minor Works DPS


By Peter McMullan

CPC’s Minor Works Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) has been running for six months now and in this time, we have worked closely with members to continually develop the solution. We have been overwhelmed by the level of engagement and support members have shown for the system thus far.

Thanks to the flexibility the DPS offers, we have been able to grow the supplier base significantly by signposting the DPS to member institutions’ trusted contractors. The solution has recently been discussed at several Procurement Advisory Groups (PAG) meetings. Based on recent feedback, we feel it is important to address some concerns held by members regarding any costs contractors may face when making an application to the Minor Works DPS. We would also like to clarify the process a contractor must follow in making an application. 

Members are advised that there are no cost implications for a supplier wishing to make an application to be included on the Minor Works DPS. The DPS will remain open to new contractors for its full duration (agreement will expire in October 2025) and the application pack is freely available to contractors once registered on Multiquote. The application pack is available via the Minor Works DPS project dashboard, project ref: CA7638.

Once all the mandatory selection criteria have been met by the applicant, they will then be awarded a place on the relevant lots to which they have applied. Once a contractor has been awarded a place on the DPS, they will then be automatically invited to participate in any subsequent further competitions published by CPC members in the relevant lot.

Like all other CPC framework agreements, a marketing premium is required for all business placed under the agreement by CPC member institutions and for this particular agreement, the premium has been set at 0.75% of the project/contract value. Please note that this premium is only due from the successful contractor at further competition stage, unsuccessful contractors will not be subject to any marketing premiums.  

Lastly, we have seen several instances of contractors registering on Multiquote and incorrectly assuming this qualifies them for inclusion on the DPS. Contractors should be reminded that registering on Multiquote is only the first stage in the application process and that to be considered for inclusion on the DPS, they must first express interest in the opportunity (which will then give them access to the application pack). Contractors must then complete the application pack in accordance with the guidance and upload to Multiquote so that we can assess and process their application. 

Should you have any queries relating to the DPS, please contact the category lead, Peter McMullan, either by email at [email protected] or by phone on 0161 974 0950.

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