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CPC saves nearly £250,000 for Milton Keynes Academy


CPC's On Demand Team ran a successful tender process for a new cleaning service which achieved a saving of approximately quarter of a million pounds over a 5 year contract for Milton Keynes Academy.

Due to the expiration of their existing contract, Milton Keynes Academy engaged the services of CPC to assist them in appointing a supplier who could provide them with value for money and an improved specification.

Our Strategy

CPC's approach was to assign our local regionally based Senior Procurement Consultant Luke Wood to the project. Luke discussed the different routes to market, detailing the pros and cons of the different options available. Using his extensive cleaning procurement expertise, he discussed the market with the academy and what they should expect in terms of a realistic proposal. After discussing recent sector examples and what could potentially work for the academy, Luke recommended the most effective route to market which was CPC's Building Cleaning Services framework. This route to market was considered to be the most effective for the Milton Keynes Academy's requirements to achieve bids that fulfilled their specification requirements.

Our Expertise

We developed a bespoke specification to meet the requirements of Milton Keynes Academy and provided consistent procurement consultancy support throughout the process.

Luke hosted site visits and supplier presentations, evaluated tenders, created a recommendation report and developed contract documents. Luke ensured the process was compliant and utilised his excellent understanding of the service and sector to provide the academy with advice and guidance throughout the process.

Luke, your input, knowledge and professionalism has been invaluable.
Stuart Sams
Regional Facilities Manager
Milton Keynes Academy
Luke, your work on this has been exemplary. You’re a credit to CPC.
Jon Ward
Directror of Estates & Facilities
Milton Keynes Academy

The Outcome

CPC recommended a new supplier who enabled the academy to save approximately £50k per annum (exact figure is £49,502.27) which equates to nearly ¼ of a million pounds worth of savings over the 5 year contract, if extensions are utilised (compared to what they paid previously). Savings were achieved through developing an output-based specification which enabled the supplier to use their expertise and knowledge to develop the best and most effective cleaning solution for the academy.

This was a complicated but enjoyable project which required close working with the Colleges to ensure a standardised approach across the sites. The aim of this tender was to move from the existing set up which consisted of 3 incumbent suppliers providing varying levels of 3rd line support and onsite support to a completely offsite 3rd line support package, which was successfully achieved. Our work on the contract resulted in an experienced, capable supplier being appointed with further efficiencies gained through only working with one supplier rather than three.
Luke Wood
Senior Procurement Consultant