The main function of the CPC is to produce EU-tendered frameworks for our members to use. Therefore, to become a CPC supplier you must be awarded a place on one of these framework agreements.

Once you have seen the framework you wish to join, the next key piece of information for you is when that framework will be running to, as you have to wait for the framework to be re- tendered to be able to join.

Like many other procurement bodies, we use In-Tend as a tendering and correspondence portal with any potential suppliers. If you have not already done so, make sure your company is registered on our In-Tend portal so that you can see any Invitations to Tender we release. Please note: a number of our frameworks are let by other contracting authorities, such as the H.E. consortia, if you are interested in those tenders you will need to register on their tendering portals and not CPC's. If in doubt please check our Contracting Pipeline or contact CPC for advice.

We normally start the process of re-tendering the frameworks 6 months before the end date shown on the website, at which stage we will publish an Invitation to Tender (or ITT) on the In-Tend portal. However, you may find that the framework you wish to tender for is being run in conjunction with another contracting authority - this is indicated on the framework listing. In this case, you would need to register on their tendering portal, and not ours.

If you discover that the CPC does not have a framework agreement relevant to your company, then unfortunately the only option would be registering on In-Tend and keeping a look out for any relevant tenders. The CPC doesn't hold relationships with suppliers outside of frameworks, and will only put together new frameworks at the request of our members.