Think of your relationship to the CPC as becoming part of a community: we're all working towards making your jobs easier. We build, you test, we modify. The more you collaborate with us, the more benefit we can deliver to you.

The way we ensure efficient communication channels between us is by requesting a main point of contact for your institution, or a Liaison Officer. It should be someone who's going to make the most use of our services - a Business Manager, or a Procurement Officer, for example.

It's the Liaison Officer's job to keep an eye on the information we publish, whether that be a newsletter article about a new framework we've just put together, or a simple check-in email to confirm that all your details are up to date on our system. It will also be the Liaison's job to give us feedback on the services we're putting together, to let us know what's working, and what's not. If the info we're sending out is more relevant to one of your colleagues in a different department (such as IT or the library), then we would kindly ask the Liaison to forward the information on, or to let us know who would be a suitable secondary contact in that particular department.

The Liaison Officer will also need to review their institution's spend report every 3 months on our website, and be the first contact for CPC suppliers offering engagement with our contracts. Please be assured that we will do our best to ensure you will not be inundated by suppliers at any time. However, there will be contact from suppliers, particularly when you first join but they do their best to ensure the information is relevant and not intrusive; the initial emails often help to refine supplier contacts to your areas of interest.

If the Liaison Officer for your site needs amending for whatever reason, please let us know so that we can make sure that our system is quickly updated, and that your institution doesn't miss out on any important information.