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Lisa O'shea

Senior Procurement Officer

I was brought to Salford when I was looking for a job around the Manchester area. Eventually I found a part-time role on the reception of Technology House - CPC's former place of residence. After working on reception for almost a year, it became necessary for me to find a role that better suited my eagerness for knowledge, and in October 2015 I began working at CPC’s Helpdesk.

Since beginning my studies at university, I learned to work within education as I gained a strong affinity for my fellow students. I felt that working on the CPC Helpdesk has allowed me to provide assistance to a member of staff within an institution, and by proxy that was also allowing me to help students.

Through my dedication to learning as much as I could about the company and its stakeholders, I was able to begin a new role as Junior Contracting Officer in March 2018. This position allows me access to a CIPS membership and training program, and means that I am able to make a real difference not just within the company, but also to the spending practices of CPC’s member base.

Through my CIPS exams I will learn how to run tender processes for CPC frameworks in an effective, professional and compliant manner. CPC have given me a framework whereby I can gain a career in an occupation that is highly sought after, and the grounds for learning are extensive. Alongside this I have the ongoing assistance and support of my committed colleagues which I find invaluable.