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Mini Competition checklist


This blog article will look at the different steps and the best practice tips on how to utilise each step to having a smooth-running mini competition.

There are 8 simple steps that we would recommend all members to consider when completing a mini competition to help make the process smoother running.  


1. Talk with suppliers: 

  • Use the ‘Quote Tool’ to warm up the market to boost interest 
  • Contact suppliers for any specification query e.g. specialist requirement and legal compliance 
  • Suppliers can advise on innovation, timescales, and TUPE, it is a free consultation after all 

2. Decide what you need 

  • Talk with both internal and external stakeholders that the project will affect to understand the requirement 
  • Brands must not be included unless under exceptional circumstances e.g. monopoly in the market 

3. Prepare your request 

  • Utilise CPC User Guides which provide a mini competition template 
  • Cover example specifications, assessment criteria, timescales, TUPE, key performance indicators etc 
  • Sell the opportunity to suppliers to make it more attractive 

4. Consider timescales 

  • Consider all aspects of the mini competition when creating a timescale 
  • Adequate timescale should be provided for return bids 
  • Timescales vary from a week to a month depending on many factors e.g. size of project, type of service etc 
  • Consider clarification deadlines, site visits, implementation/delivery, internal authorisation, and deadline for award when setting dates 

5. Comply with terms of the framework 

  • CPC provide call—off terms and conditions that have been pre-agreed by suppliers on the framework  
  • Use these terms and conditions to safeguard yourself – do not sign up to suppliers’ terms unless discussed with CPC first 
  • Minor amendments to terms and conditions should be highlighted and agreed between yourself and suppliers as these will govern the contract. Contact CPC for advice 

6. Criteria 

  • Decide award criteria for evaluation purpose 
  • Weightings must add up to 100% 
  • Provide breakdown of weightings on which questions you consider more important and higher weighting.  
  • Provide evaluation criteria e.g. 1-5 
  • Stick to it! 

7. Assessing Suppliers 

  • Treat all bids fairly and assess against the criteria stated  
  • Make notes on where suppliers have been marked down for constructive feedback 
  • Keep  auditable records secure 

8. Contract award 

  • Inform both successful and unsuccessful suppliers 
  • Provide copy of award criteria and constructive feedback to suppliers on their bid 
  • Provide information only on supplier’s own submission 
  • Do not share information on other supplier bids 

By following these simple easy steps, this will help members in conducting a mini competition and resolving issues before they arise to help keep to timescale and help implement the service more smoothly.

We hope this article is helpful and provides you with all the information required to run a mini competition. 


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