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A New IT Services Contract for The John Fisher School


IT Services tender managed via a Restricted Find a Tender route to market on behalf of The John Fisher School

Previously, the School were already outsourced to an external supplier for their IT Service requirements.  This tender process allowed the school to test the market to ensure value for money and compliance with all relevant procurement legislation.  

Site visits and presentations were held onsite, in person with the School, CPC and the participating suppliers in a Covid secure manner.  This included limiting the number of attendees on site for both the site visit and presentations.

CPC recommended an effective route to market that met the school's required timescales. using a Restricted Find a Tender route to market, opened this opportunity up to the entire UK market and attracted a high level of interest at the first Selection Questionnaire stage.  

Support provided throughout the process included:

  • drafting and reviewing the specification and accompanying tender documents
  • managing the tender on the e-tendering portal MultiQuote
  • hosting a site visit
  • evaluating tenders
  • hosting onsite socially distanced supplier presentations
  • writing a recommendation report
  • developing contract documents
  • generally providing procurement consultancy support and guidance throughout the process

A total of 8 days was worked on this project by CPC.

The School went through a compliant process in line with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR2015 regulations) and the result was the appointment of an experienced Supplier which could deliver the requirements of the School.

CPC have been repeatedly excellent to work alongside each time I required their assistance. They acted swiftly, are comprehensive and always complete the necessary due diligence. I find each of their staff members who I have worked with polite, courteous, and extremely professional. I have never needed to consider a different provider based on the high-quality expertise they provide. I would recommend them unreservedly to another school. I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future. A first-class service.
P E Mcculagh
The John Fisher School
It was great to work with The John Fisher School on this tender for their new IT Services contract. The School were fully engaged throughout the process and as a result I was able to develop a really successful working relationship. The tender process allowed the School to test the market and ensure value for money whilst ensuring all compliancy requirements were met. I’m really pleased we’ve achieved an excellent outcome for the School’s new IT Services contract!
Karis Lucano-Jones
Procurement Manager