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Gateshead College


Just one day per week from CPC can result in thousands of pounds of costs savings, as Gateshead College can report. CPC have worked with Gateshead College for just one day per week since October 2015, and have secured over £100k in cost savings during this time, with our Procurement Consultant Karyn Wilson delivering an outstanding range of innovative projects for the organisation.

Achievements to date

  • 37% Saving on IT Hardware
  • Energy Cost Reductions

In addition to having a real impact on bottom line, CPC have completed several complex OJEU tenders, maximised compliance, and embedded procurement expertise across the college team.

Better still, the services that CPC provide to colleges can be cost neutral because, using our guaranteed savings model, you are fully assured that we will save you more money than the service will actually cost you. Plus, the College retains 100% of its savings. Gateshead have been thrilled by their results!

Excellent knowledge of the FE market, particularly of procurement pitfalls. Very good network of professionals whose expertise can be called on. Procurement specialists who know how to work with Colleges whilst causing minimum fuss.
David Keetley
Financial Controller
Gateshead College