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Catering is a core service for most schools and colleges, yet it’s notoriously one of the sector’s biggest buying challenges. However, catering is also an area where intelligent procurement can yield lucrative results.

At HCUC, a merger between Harrow College and Uxbridge College, catering services varied widely across four campuses and two separate agreements. While one contract was a profitable enterprise, the other was costing the business substantial money and using out-dated facilities, with room for improvement in food quality and value for money. For HCUC, catering services were a key area for procurement transformation.

Straight after the HCUC merger, CPC brought in one of our Specialist Catering Advisors to procure a £1m contract using the Crescent Purchasing Consortium framework. The results could be game-changing.

State-of-the-art Facilities

The successful supplier will invest £290,000 to upgrade the cross-campus catering facilities and is introducing cutting-edge brands at both Harrow sites. This includes a new Starbucks branch, where popular products will be available at 30% less than high-street prices.

Alongside significant modernisation, HCUC is contractually obliged to receive return of £80,000 a year, amounting to £400,000 over the five-year contract lifetime. On top of this, customers should receive higher quality and more affordable food options, with the introduction of an innovative new product range.

With 90+ years' combined industry experience, CPC's team of Catering Specialists can help transform your catering function to improve facilities, food quality, and generate profit.