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King Edward VI Academy Trust made a saving of £480,000 with CPC's Utilities framework


Although satisfied with their existing arrangements, the CPC framework offered a good range of key benefits to benchmark value and boost sustainability such as multi-supplier further competition, renewable energy options, a dedicated helpdesk, ongoing support and compliance with procurement regulations.

Following a multi-supplier quotation exercise, 36 month fully fixed contract options were selected for gas and electricity for longer term budget security. Throughout the process, Dukefield Energy made sure all of the Trust’s queries were answered and continually monitored the market to get the best and lowest contracting point.

The chosen 100% Renewable Electricity contract with Haven Power and SSE Gas contract resulted in combined saving for the Trust of over £160,000 per annum or £480,000 over the full contract term.

Accessing the CPC framework was a streamlined and simple processes. Dukefield Energy provided impartial and expert advice and were patient to track the markets downward to a very strong savings level on our behalf. We would highly recommend the framework to other fellow CPC Members
David Wright
Head of Procurement
King Edward VI Academy Trust Birmingham

Dukefield Energy reviewed the electric capacity (KVA) levels to identify any surplus for savings or future growth and organised an energy efficiency workshop with Haven Power.

Dukefield Energy are providing value-added services such as Bill Validation, Cost and Consumption Monitoring, Market Tracking, Query Management, Graphical Analysis and a Dedicated Account Manager.