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Lighthouse Learning Trust made a saving of £5,000 using CPC’s ICT Hardware framework


The Lighthouse Learning Trust used Lot 4 of the CPC’s ICT Hardware and Peripherals Equipment framework to purchase 58 new iMacs for teaching creative subjects such as Art, Graphics and Photography.

This was the first time the Trust had used this particular CPC framework and they benefited from a quick and easy tender process, saving them time and money and it introduced them to a new supplier!

Easy and time-saving tender process

The framework saved the Trust time in preparing the mini competition document, as they could use already prepared document templates provided by CPC. The Trust only had to amend these template documents with their own requirements, making it easier and quicker than completing the full documentation themselves and ensured it was a better-quality tender document for suppliers to understand. The Trust found the guides instructing them of how to use the templates very useful and easy to follow too. By using this framework, the Trust had access to the CPC Quote Tool, making it quick and easy to contact all suppliers at once rather than on an individual basis.

Cost savings

The Trust would usually go out to market themselves, approaching suppliers they have used before to obtain quotations. Using the Framework enabled the Trust to access a new supply base, who offered the same service level as their previous suppliers, but at a more competitive price, making a saving of £5,000!

Assured compliance

CPC’s ICT Hardware and Peripherals equipment framework enabled the Trust to be fully compliant in their procurement process due to the fact that all the suppliers on the framework had been rigorously vetted already before being appointed on the framework. This meant the Trust didn’t have to worry about carrying out these checks themselves and they were assured that suppliers on the framework had been approved as suitable suppliers within the education sector.

Overall experience

The Lighthouse Learning Trust felt they had a great overall experience of using CPC’s ICT Hardware and Peripherals Equipment framework.

All in all, using the framework saved us time and money, with a streamlined, easy to use tender process.
Lukasz Grochowicz
IT Manager
Lighthouse Learning Trust
It is our aim to make our framework agreements easy to use for members while ensuring compliance. I am glad to hear that Lukasz found the process easy to use and that the supporting documentation that we provide proved useful, allowing him to save time and money in the process.
Jane Edwards
Category Manager for AV and ICT