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Student transport service tendering for two colleges



CPC was asked to run two separate tenders for student transport services for two colleges within a trust. 

Open tenders were held, including presentations, resulting in the trust being very happy with the outcome.  

Our strategy

Providing a suitable amount of support, including online meetings and presentations. 

Recommendations were provided regarding award criteria, weightings and the timetable to ensure the process to successfully would meet the college’s deadlines.


The college completed compliant processes, resulting in suitable suppliers being appointed, who can deliver the full requirements of the college for all services tendered for.

CPC's On Demand tender support service now operates under the banner of Crescent Consultancy and completes more than 300 tenders per year for institutions.

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"Thanks very much for all your time and effort that went into the tender process for us, and for being so easy to work with and amenable".