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Fresh Fish and Seafood

This TUCO framework has been awarded as the result of a fully compliant tender exercise.

Starting Date
Ending Date
Extended End Date

This TUCO framework covers the supply and distribution of fresh fish and seafood. It covers a complete range of fresh fish such as round, flat, game and exotic which can be provided whole, filleted or to specification. Smoked, processed fish and shellfish are also available.

The fresh seafood framework’s lot structure is based on 12 regional lots:

Lot 1 - London

Lot 2 - North West

Lot 3 - North East

Lot 4 - Yorkshire & Humber

Lot 5 - West Midland

Lot 6 - East Midland

Lot 7 - South East

Lot 8 - South West

Lot 9 - East

Lot 10 - North Wales

Lot 11 - South Wales

Lot 12 - Scotland 

  1. It is free to use for members
  2. Eliminates the need to individually undertake your own full procurement exercise, which saves time and resources
  3. Simplifies the process and removes the cost in procuring the services and providers
  4. Legally compliant framework agreement developed within the UK Public Contract Regulations
  5. Consistent Terms & Conditions of contract
  6. Opportunity for further savings through further competition
  7. TUCO regularly audit the nominated suppliers to assist in the management and reduction of food safety risks
How to Use

You can use this framework by joining TUCO, it's free for CPC members. Just complete TUCO's application form or call TUCO on 0161 713 3420 to request membership.

If you don't have CPC membership, firstly join CPC - it's free for educational organisations, then contact TUCO to request membership.

Framework Lots
Contract Manager

The contracting authority for this Framework is TUCO Ltd.

Lisa O'Shea

Senior Procurement Officer

[email protected]

0161 974 0947