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Lift Supply, Installation, Maintenance and Consultancy

Access a wide range of lift contractors for lift installation, refurbishment and maintenance as well as lift consultancy services.

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Find the most appropriate solution for your lift installation, maintenance and consultancy needs. You can purchase a range of goods, services and works through the framework agreement, including but not limited to:

  • New lift Installations
  • Spare parts for onsite works
  • Trapped persons release
  • Scheduled and reactive maintenance services
  • Consultancy service for new lift works

The Lift Installation, Maintenance and Consultancy framework continues to offer members an all-encompassing lift framework covering a variety of requirements you may have from a list of pre-evaluated experienced suppliers, the lots are as follows:

Lot 1 – Supply, Installation and Maintenance – for the purchase of brand-new lift works and installations, as well as spare parts, scheduled and reactive maintenance services.

Lot 2 – Consultancy services - for consultation services on lift works and installation where no prior knowledge or plans have been created for the works.


     Collaborative agreement – consolidation of spend

     A multi supplier framework agreement will ensure that suppliers remain competitive through the life of the framework

     Members have a UK Public Contracts Regulations compliant route to the market

     Time saving, members can use the framework rather than completing a full tender process

     Experienced pre evaluated suppliers

     Full coverage of lift supply and installation requirements

     Specialised consultancy Lot

How to Use

CPC typically recommend that members undertake a further competition considering their own particular requirements, however please see the user guide for further details.

Get a Quote

The CPC Quote Tool makes it easy to perform and manage a further competition exercise on this Framework. It's free to use for all our members and offers quick, compliant access to all suppliers on purchases that fall below £214,904.00

Get a Quote

If your purchase exceeds £214,904.00, the CPC Sourcing Cloud is available that complies with the regulations to allow electronic tender returns whilst still being free to use for our members. Find out more about the CPC Sourcing Cloud.

Associated Documentation
  • Framework User Guide Essential
    This is required reading if you are considering using this framework. It tells you everything you need to know about the panel of providers, eligibility, running the mini-competition process, and evaluating bids.
  • Call Off Contract Template Essential
    Having selected your chosen supplier, orders can be placed via the Call-Off Contract Terms and Conditions. Your preferred supplier will populate the Call-Off Contract terms and conditions with the full details of your requirement and then present you with completed Call-Off contract terms and conditions for signature.
  • Desktop Calculator - Lot 1 Essential
    Members may utilise the Desktop Calculator where the award criteria weighting provided for a Direct Award through Lot 1 differ from the preferred weighting.
  • Desktop Calculator - Lot 2 Essential
    Members may utilise the desktop calculator where the award criteria weighting provided for a Direct Award through Lot 2 differ from the preferred weighting.
  • Mini Competition Checklist
    It is recommended that members utilise this checklist when undertaking a mini-competition process to maximise the likelihood of obtaining a satisfactory quantity and quality of bid responses from suppliers
Contract Manager

The contracting authority for this Framework is NEUPC.

James Riley

Senior Procurement Officer

[email protected]

0161 974 0945