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Security Systems

The framework provides access to the supply, installation, consultancy and maintenance of Security Systems, such as Access Control, CCTV, Car Park Barriers and Intruder Alarms.

Starting Date
Ending Date
Extended End Date

This framework will provide members with an improved Security Systems offering, including the retender of the incumbent Access Control and CCTV agreements whilst also now including the scope for Intruder Alarms and Car Park Barriers. Members accessing this framework agreement will look to procure a range of goods, services, and works including (but not limited to):

Access Control Systems

CCTV Systems

Intruder Alarm Systems

Car Park Barrier Systems

Maintenance Packages

Reactive Maintenance

Consultancy Services

Upgrade Works

Disposal of Legacy Equipment

Training and Handover Packages


  1. Collaborative agreement – consolidation of spend
  2. A multi supplier framework agreement will ensure that suppliers remain competitive through the life of the framework agreement
  3. Members have a route to the market which is compliant with the UK Public Contracts Regulations
  4. Time saving, members can use the framework rather than completing a full tender process
  5. Suppliers capable of providing across all lots
How to Use

Full details can be found in the user guide and a Mini Competition Document is available along with the option to undertake a full further competition.

Get a Quote

The CPC Quote Tool makes it easy to perform and manage a further competition exercise on this Framework. It's free to use for all our members and offers quick, compliant access to all suppliers on purchases that fall below £214,904.00

Get a Quote

If your purchase exceeds £214,904.00, the CPC Sourcing Cloud is available that complies with the regulations to allow electronic tender returns whilst still being free to use for our members. Find out more about the CPC Sourcing Cloud.

Framework Lots
Associated Documentation
  • Framework User Guide Essential
    This is required reading if you are considering using this framework. It tells you everything you need to know about the panel of providers, eligibility, running the mini-competition process, and evaluating bids.
  • Further Competition Document Essential
    The attached template document should assist you with running your further competition and once completed should be sent to all suppliers on the relevant framework lot.
  • Direct Award Notification Template Essential
Contract Manager

The contracting authority for this Framework is Crescent Purchasing Consortium.

Jane Edwards

Procurement Manager

[email protected]

0161 8231860