College, University, Academy and School grounds maintenance is important in the education sector yet buying grounds maintenance services can often be one of the most complex areas of procurement.

Using this agreement you can procure and outsource grounds maintenance services and design them to best meet the needs of your institution. It will save you time as you won’t need to complete a full OJEU tender process and it provides regional and national competition to secure value for money.

The general types of services that this framework will cover include all or part of the following elements:

  • Parks and green space management
  • Grass cutting
  • Turf maintenance
  • Border maintenance and planting, including pruning, feeding, weeding and pest/disease
  • Weed and vegetation control
  • Pesticide/weed control application
  • Seasonal planting and maintenance
  • Hedge and tree work
  • Nature conservation
  • Surface cleaning incl. hard surface and tarmac areas
  • Playground equipment maintenance
  • Winter services
  • Leaf collecting
  • Litter picking Including sharps
  • General grounds requirements
  • Fence line maintenance
  • Tree maintenance (immature & mature)
  • Fine sports turf incl. pitch marking and maintenance incl. scarifying, spiking and harrowing of sports fields
  • Other outdoor non-synthetic sports surfaces (there is a CPC framework that covers the maintenance of synthetic sports pitches which can be found here.

It was awarded on 23rd November 2020 and runs to 22nd November 2023 with a possible extension to 22nd November 2024.

Key Benefits of this Framework

  1. Compliant with OJEU Public Contract Regulations 2015 - Users with a fire safety requirement with a total value in excess of the OJEU threshold (£189,330 for supplies and services as of 1st January 2020) can be assured that this framework is fully compliant with all relevant regulations.
  2. Full compliance with all relevant legislation and technical standards - All framework contractors are compliant with the principal pieces of legislation which govern the provision of Maintenance Services and Equipment in the UK.
  3. Technical guidance and support of experts - Users of this framework may lack the in-house expertise or knowledge to determine the most appropriate Grounds Maintenance Services for their institution. Users of this framework will therefore benefit from the technical support, and guidance of industry experts with a proven track record of delivering robust economical and environmental solutions for the education sector. Technical Data Sheets and COSHH datasheets are available for all chemicals used in carrying out the service from the suppliers as well as support and advice for risk assessments and planning for emergencies.
  4. Support and assistance from the CPC contract manager. Users of this framework will be supported and assisted by a dedicated contract manager to resolve any queries and issues that arise during the agreement.
  5. CPC offer a benchmarking service which you can use to compare the pricing of your current agreement with the pricing on this framework.
  6. Social Value - Regional Sub-Lotting: The framework has been sub-lotted by region for several reasons. Breaking down frameworks into distinct smaller regions gives better opportunities to SME's and will ensure that the social value benefits generated are retained within the region. Equally working with locally based contractors allows for a more quality driven and responsive service from framework contractors.
  7. Safeguarding and DBS - All framework contractors have been assessed and evaluated in terms of their approach to safeguarding. The framework contractors understand the importance of delivering high quality and safety driven services, whilst recognising their duty of care to protect customers (students, staff, and the public) and employees from foreseeable risks.
  8. Buyers Guide - A Buyers Guide is available for all institutions to view. This includes details of the framework, awarded suppliers, and call off options for members.
  9. Call-Off Options - There are a variety of call-off options available, including a direct award, to institutions, meaning they have flexibility to use the framework to best suit their needs.

Supplier Details

Lots No. Suppliers
Lot 1: East 10 View Suppliers
Lot 2: East Midlands 12 View Suppliers
Lot 3: London 9 View Suppliers
Lot 4: North East 7 View Suppliers
Lot 5: North West 9 View Suppliers
Lot 6: Northern Ireland 3 View Suppliers
Lot 7: Scotland 3 View Suppliers
Lot 8: South East 10 View Suppliers
Lot 9: South West 6 View Suppliers
Lot 10: Wales 4 View Suppliers
Lot 11: West Midlands 11 View Suppliers
Lot 12: Yorkshire and Humber 8 View Suppliers
Lot 13: National 2 View Suppliers
Supplier Agreement No.
Id Verde Ltd (formally The Landscape Group Ltd) 2020/2427

How can I use this Framework

Full details can be found in the User Guide, for ease of use a desk top calculator is available for direct award, along with the option to undertake a further competition. A further competition calculator is also available on the website, with further details also available in the User Guide regarding the call off process.

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If you require support in running a further competition via this framework, Tenet Services can help. Tenet offer a nationwide service specialising in assisting education establishments to complete further competitions.

Tenet are part of the Crescent Purchasing Group of Companies and operate on a not-for-profit basis.

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The CPC Quote Tool is free to use for all our members and offers quick, compliant access to all suppliers on our frameworks for purchases that fall below £189,330.

"The Quote Tool was easy to use and time saving, resulting in a straightforward process where we just had to put the details in once and could then use the reputable suppliers already recommended."

Deborah Anderson-Dixon, Finance Manager at Sir William Romney's School

For purchases that exceed £189,330, the CPC Sourcing Cloud is available that complies with the regulations to allow electronic tender returns whilst still being free to use for our members. Find out more about CPC Sourcing Cloud.

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Associated Documentation

The following documents are associated with this framework. Some are required for successful use of the framework and are clearly marked.

File Details Essential
Framework User GuideThis is required reading if you are considering using this framework. It tells you everything you need to know about the panel of providers, eligibility, running the mini-competition process, and evaluating bids. YesDownload
Further Competition TemplateThe attached template document should assist you with running your further competition and once completed should be sent to all suppliers on the relevant framework lot. YesDownload
Direct Award NotificationIf you carry out a direct award under this framework, please complete the attached form to record your direct award with CPC. Download
Mini Competition CalculatorFor use when carrying out a further / mini competition in conjunction with the ‘Mini Competition Calculator Template’. Download
Desktop CalculatorFor desktop exercise to identify preferred supplier Download

Contract Manager

The contracting authority for this framework is Crescent Purchasing Consortium.

Ekkehard Kugler

  • Name: Ekkehard Kugler
  • Tel: 0161 974 0964
  • Email:
  • Chat with our helpdesk: Live Chat