This framework is a retender of the previous Synthetic Sports Facilities framework which expired in February 2024. There is a new focus on this iteration towards innovative services and social value, and raising awareness of the main considerations they need to consider from a planning perspective, timescales for a whole tendering process, and the additional services that can be acquired from providers.

The framework scope covers (but is not limited to) the following areas:

  • The provision of works incorporating planning, design, consultancy, excavation, groundwork, utility connections, lighting, construction, surface marking, fencing, security, aftercare, servicing & maintenance, refurbishment, deconstruction, disposal, and recycling of external sporting facilities made from organic or inorganic materials, including but not limited to 3G pitches, multi-use games areas, tennis courts, athletic tracks, and cricket wickets.
  • Maintenance contracts including weekly, monthly, annual, and ad-hoc maintenance to optimise playing performance and to maximise the life expectancy of an outdoor synthetic surface, the level of which should be determined by the expected and actual usage of the facilities.

Institutions should make themselves aware of the environmental issues surrounding the use of microplastics as performance infill for 3G pitches, where relevant. Suppliers on this framework have confirmed that they are able to adhere to the SAPCA Infill Protocol 2021, and implement suitable preventative and reactive measures to protect the local environment.

Contractors need to provide a minimum of one years’ maintenance on works completed either directly or through a sub-contractor. The actual service length and maintenance methods to be used may be provided by the manufacturer of synthetic turf installed, to ensure the validity of the turf warranty. After final sign off has taken place, members will then be able to enter a maintenance contract with the current provider, or to run a tendering process to put a new maintenance service provider in place at their discretion.

Key Facts

Start date
17th February 2024
End date
16th February 2026
Optional extension
16th February 2028

Key Benefits of this Framework

  1. Successful suppliers are lead contractors, allowing for a single relationship with suppliers that will undertake the vast majority of works
  2. Contractors have attained a wide variety of accreditations for installation, health & safety compliance, testing etc.
  3. Contractors are capable of ensuring adherence to relevant professional governing body certifications for particular surface types including FIFA, FIH, ITF/LTA, World Rugby etc.
  4. Contractors will offer guidance, advice and knowledge sharing to help you achieve greater value from your facilities e.g. for surface types or maintenance frequency
  5. All contractors have been assessed across a range of relevant criteria including Health and Safety, Pricing, Project Management, CDM Regulations, Environmental Considerations, Safeguarding, Breadth of coverage, Specialisms. Each contractor on the framework possesses the requisite policies, procedures and processes necessary to successfully deliver your requirements
  6. Suppliers are able to work across the UK, with regional information included in the framework User Guide

How can I use this Framework

Member institutions looking to utilise this framework are suggested to utilise RIBA Small Project Plan of Work or use guidance from Sport England to assist with their planning process. The entire process however will take significantly longer than the listed recommended time periods due to the level of preparation an institution should undertake prior to tendering, so institutions should take this into account when preparing their specification. Please see the Framework User Guide for more information.

  • Lot 1 – Mini Competition: This is the only available call-off method for member institutions looking to utilise Lot 1. Member institutions may choose to make use of the mini competition template that has been provided. Institutions should allow suppliers a minimum of 3 weeks to respond to their request based on the complexity of the requirements, however the recommended length of time is around one month to allow suppliers the opportunity for site visits and to formulate an adequate response.
  • Lot 2 – Mini Competition: This is the suggested call-off method for member institutions looking to utilise Lot 2. There is a mini competition template within the User Guide that institutions may choose to utilise. A minimum of two weeks should be provided in order to allow suppliers adequate time to formulate a bid response.
  • Lot 2 – Mini Competition Desktop Calculator: This is the suggested call-off method for member institutions looking to utilise Lot 2 who wish to assess price only. The quality scores from the framework tendering process are used in the calculator, and current pricing acquired from suppliers can be input into the calculator to determine the most advantageous for those .
  • Lot 2 – Direct Award: Where an institution’s requirement is urgent they may choose to make use of this approach. Institutions should only direct award where the standard packages priced align with the institution’s requirements. If they differ, a mini competition or desktop calculator process should take place. When using a direct award process, institutions should offer the opportunity to lowest price supplier for that package as detailed in the User Guide.
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Associated Documentation

The following documents are associated with this framework. Some are required for successful use of the framework and are clearly marked.

File Details Essential
Framework User GuideThis is required reading if you are considering using this framework. It tells you everything you need to know about the panel of providers, eligibility, running the mini-competition process, and evaluating bids. YesDownload
Lot 1: Outdoor Facilities Installation Mini Comp TemplateThe attached template document should assist you with running a mini-competition for the purchase of Lot 1, Outdoor Facilities Installation. Once completed it should be sent to all suppliers on Lot 1. YesDownload
Lot 2 Mini Comp Desktop CalculatorFor a desktop exercise to indentify a preferred supplier using the direct award route to market. YesDownload
Lot 2: Outdoor Facilities Maintenance Mini Comp TemplateThe attached template document should assist you with running a mini-competition for the purchase of Lot 2, Outdoor Facilities Maintenance. Once completed it should be sent to all suppliers on Lot 2. YesDownload
Notice of Procurement Exercise Letter Download

Contract Manager

The contracting authority for this framework is Crescent Purchasing Consortium.

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