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Plug into the eSports revolution with CPC framework


By Ashley Cox

From thrilling competitions to career opportunities, eSports has become a game-changer for students and institutions alike, with CPC able to provide appropriate framework assistance. 

Did you know CPC’s ICT Hardware & Peripherals purchasing framework can help to facilitate the compliant provision of eSports hardware and related equipment for your educational institution? The ever-expanding eSports universe might seem an alien domain to some, but the upsurge in demand for competitive gaming technology makes this area one to watch for members in 2024.

And, as with so many aspects of today's education experience, CPC’s procurement expertise and connection to approved, specialist suppliers enables us to provide effective buying support in this emerging field; a field which could transform the slate of the extracurricular offerings presented around the British Isles.

Established in 2016, the non-for-profit British eSports Federation have been working to help inspire and empower our next generation of eSports contenders, as hard-fought contests once dismissed as simply video games take their place alongside traditional sports in the modern entertainment sphere.

The result is a chance for students of varied physical abilities to compete on a levelled playing field, though conventional sport has, to some extent, embraced the eSports revolution, with a host of affiliated/sponsored eSports players connected to long-standing sporting teams/clubs.

As such, while millions of youngsters will continue to dream of sharing a pitch with Manchester City’s Erling Haaland or Kevin De Bruyne, many others may harbour the newfound ambition of turning out for the Blues’ dedicated eSports section, competing in Fortnite and EA Sports FC.

It is said there are more than 39 million gamers in the United Kingdom, a figure that equates to around a staggering 58% of the overall population. With around 15% of these watching eSports competitions for leisure, much as they might a traditional sport, it is easy to see the avenues for potential future growth and these avenues look to extend beyond mere pastime entertainment.

To this extent, eSports has been described as a growth area for employment, with college courses now offered, establishing new foundations not only in competitive video gaming, but furthermore in adjacent areas and disciplines, such as digital creation, marketing and event management.

For education institutions looking to get ahead of the curve, new investment in eSports-enabled technology might prove to be pertinent - and for those not knowing exactly where to begin, CPC can effectively bridge the gap, bringing together multiple vetted suppliers on an ICT Hardware & Peripherals framework already recommended by the UK Department for Education for its quality.

A glistening gem in our framework catalogue, ICT Hardware & Peripherals can serve as a gateway to multitude of eSports equipment, from desktop PC solutions such as monitors, keyboards and mice to specific gaming desktops that can help give players the edge in an eSports environment.

With an additional lot devoted to portable device solutions, the framework’s focus on peripheral resources encompasses the provision of contemporary gaming equipment and virtual reality kit, as well as headphones, speakers, cables and much more, as an additional, eight-supplier, Apple-specific lot caters for much of the brand’s own eSports-ready equipment.

As home to a multitude of able suppliers, CPC’s ICT Hardware & Peripherals framework can also deliver a multi-lot solution - for more on this exciting and DfE-endorsed framework, contact CPC Contract Manager, Jane Edwards, via [email protected] or by calling 0161 8231860.

And let the games begin.

Through their membership of CPC, Gower College in Swansea were able to connect with ICT Hardware & Peripherals supplier Stone Technologies; one of a number of quality, approved suppliers vetted by CPC and included on this agreement. Stone can supply its first three lots and were equipped to manage the provision of gaming PCs, monitors and peripherals, helping the students at this Welsh further education college prepare for an ever-more digital future, while supporting the efforts of the college's eSports team, the GCS Owls. Click to see more about this winning partnership, as facilitated via CPC's framework.

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