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Get a free quote and obtain the best price for your school, college or university’s electricity and gas contracts, using this DfE recommended Utilities framework

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Crescent Purchasing Consortium has served notice to end its working relationship with Dukefield Energy. The notice period will end on the 7th of September 2024. The CPC will be working towards providing an alternative energy solution for our members. Please subscribe to our newsletter for further updates.

The agreement enables CPC members to procure gas and electricity supplies, as well as range of energy efficiency solutions, in full compliance with the Public Procurement Regulations. The additional services available through this agreement include:

· Supply of Metered and Unmetered Water, Metered and Unmetered Wastewater, Trade Effluent Services and Ancillary Services

· Energy Efficiency Solutions

· Onsite Generation– Solar Photovoltaics

· Onsite Generation – Heat Pumps

· Supply of Metering Services and Building Energy Management Software

Under the previous CPC Utilities agreement, institutions including schools, academies, colleges and universities saved over £3.2 million on their energy bills.

The framework is designed for the education sector and has a dedicated energy consultant, Dukefield Energy, who will source your energy and energy efficiency solutions from a range of suppliers.

Dukefield Energy will complete all the tendering work for you whilst providing market leading value across a range of different contract options and lengths to suit your institution’s needs: fully fixed, energy only, flexible and basket. Renewable energy supplies can also be sourced at no additional premium, a particular benefit for any institutions with sustainability objectives.

All quotations are provided for free and there is no pressure to proceed to purchase. Dukefield Energy welcomes the opportunity to beat any energy contract renewal offer for your school, academy, MAT, college or university.

Additional consultancy services

Dukefield Energy can also provide individual quotes for additional services such as:

· Streamlined energy and carbon reporting

· Display energy certificates

· Support with funding bids for future grants (Salix and Low Carbon)

· Energy management analysis

· Surveys and reports

· Behavioural change programmes for sustainability / energy efficiency


The Department for Education (DfE) recommend this Framework to Schools and Academies.

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  1. Make savings by getting best value prices and deals with no hidden costs, what you’re quoted is what you pay
  2. Multi-competition tendering will be completed for you to source the most competitive quotes from multiple energy suppliers
  3. Dukefield Energy constantly monitor market changes and trends to support you with insight into the best time to buy
  4. Advice and support on the best contract options for your institution, a range of contract options are available to suit each member’s needs including fully fixed, energy only, flexible, basket and renewable.
  5. Added value services at no extra cost including: bill validation, energy usage reporting, supplier and query management
  6. Dedicated account manager support
  7. Compliant with the UK Public Contracts Regulations
How to Use

CPC member institutions can contact the Dukefield Energy Help Desk on 0345 4022 461 or email [email protected] to use this framework. Dukefield Energy will offer free no obligation advice and information on buying energy and make recommendations on your contract, duration and market timing.

A letter of authority (LOA) and copies of your energy supply point invoices and/or a supply information template will be required to provide you with a quotation for your gas or electricity contracts. (Example templates are in the Associated Documentation section).

Framework Lots
Associated Documentation
  • Framework User Guide Essential
    This is required reading if you are considering using this framework. It tells you everything you need to know about the panel of providers, eligibility, running the mini-competition process, and evaluating bids.
  • LOA Letter of Authority Essential
    This letter confirms that Dukefield Energy have been engaged to advise and act on a members behalf in sourcing energy quotations. This is a data protection requirement of Energy Suppliers. Members should ensure they complete the highlighted sections, including to print on your institutions letterheaded paper. Energy Suppliers will not accept this otherwise. Please note that contracts or binding documentation between the member and energy supplier will continue to require the approval and signature of an authorised representative of the member institution.
  • Supply Information Template Essential
    Can be used when compiling the Energy Supply information needed to facilitate an energy supply quotation
  • Mini Competition Checklist Essential
    It is recommended that members utilise this checklist when undertaking a mini-competition process to maximise the likelihood of obtaining a satisfactory quantity and quality of bid responses from suppliers
  • Dukefield Energy Web Portal Guide
    This Help Guide is for the Dukefield Energy Customer Portal which is powered by Systemslink, a platform which has been designed to track and monitor energy usage. This guide should help you navigate through the system to maximise the functionality available to support you with your energy reporting.
Contract Manager

The contracting authority for this Framework is Crescent Purchasing Consortium with Dukefield Procurement.

Michelle Newcombe

Procurement Manager

[email protected]

0161 535 0138