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The benefits of CCTV for your institution


CCTV systems play a key role in helping to manage, maintain and protect your institution, from CCTV in classrooms to security cameras throughout your school, academy, college or university campus. A safety and security system can benefit your institution in many ways, such as lowering security costs, supporting in-house security, supporting  legal challenge cases and by providing a vandalism deterrent.

The CPC CCTV Equipment and Maintenance Framework offers a variety of high quality, pre- evaluated CCTV suppliers for schools, academies, colleges and universities via 12 regional lots, one national lot and a lot for supply only.

Suppliers are able to carry out a full survey and inspection of your institution and advise on the number of cameras and options to fully secure your premises. Systems are fully installed and commissioned by qualified engineers ensuring a smooth and trouble-free installation with no or minimal disruption to your schedule.

The Benefits of CCTV for your institution

The installation of a CCTV system into your institution will provide a number of benefits, such as;

  • Significant deterrent – CCTV is a great deterrent and after installation, incidents of bad or antisocial behaviour from pupils, parents and visitors can decrease dramatically.
  • Staff protection – CCTV is also a very good way to prevent assaults and also false claims of misconduct. Footage captured through a CCTV system can also be a very important tool when liaising with parents about incidents relating to the bad behaviour of their children.
  • Controlled access – Some schools, colleges and universities can be open campuses, and so can be the target to all kinds of unwanted or unauthorised visitors. Student safety can be your number one priority when you’re able to see visitors before they see you. The latest CCTV systems can allow you to be able to watch visitors from any type of networked or mobile device.
  • Detection and evidence – should your institution be unfortunate enough to be a target of antisocial behaviour, crime or vandalism then CCTV provides a strong chance of detection and evidence which if appropriate, can help in an investigation.
  • Anti-bullying – CCTV surveillance systems are a very effective in helping to eliminate bullying etc, as having cameras on campus will let bullies know they’re being watched.

Using a high quality and professionally installed CCTV system can make life easier on your campus. Knowing that every crime will be tracked and monitored can allow your students and staff to feel safe on site at all times.

Should you be looking to improve safety on your campus, more information about the framework can be seen on our CCTV Equipment and Maintenance Framework page.

CPC advises members to use the CPC Quote Tool to assist in efficiently running your tender.  The CPC Quote Tool allows you to send your tender documentation   to all the suppliers on your chosen lot in one go, set a deadline for tender returns and provides an audit trail of the process

Should you have any questions please contact Myles Woodman, Contracts and Procurement Officer via email [email protected] or on 0161 974 0945.

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