6th Jan 2021

CPC have been contacting a number of our suppliers in collaboration with the Joint Contracting Group (JCG) ; who operate within the Higher Education Marketplace. We have contacted suppliers where we have deemed that there is a high or medium risk to the provision of goods or services as a direct consequence of Brexit.

The questionnaire that we sent to suppliers can be seen here and we trust the information gathered will be useful for members. The information should provide some insight into how Brexit may affect suppliers and help to identify any mitigating actions that have been put in place within the supply chain.

The intention of the questionnaire was to address the following areas:

  1. Labour considerations
  2. Supply chain issues
  3. Regulatory concerns
  4. Commercial decisions

We have collated all the information received so far and in this downloadable spreadsheet members will find supplier responses, which have been split into 6 tabs as follows:

  • Frameworks deemed High Risk by CPC
  • Frameworks deemed Medium Risk by CPC
  • Response from High Risk CPC Suppliers*
  • Response from Medium Risk CPC Suppliers*
  • Response from JCG High Risk Suppliers*
  • Response from JCG Medium Risk Suppliers*

*Where there is no data the suppliers have either been deemed low risk or they are yet to respond to our request.

We will continue to collate further information from suppliers and will update this page as further guidance is provided by the government. Should you have any questions, please do contact the Helpdesk on 0800 066 2188 or [email protected] and your query will be passed to the relevant Contract Manager.