13th Jun 2022

Due to the nature of the supply and lifetime of furniture, it is an everchanging marketplace and supply chain, and with this iteration of the agreement it has been brought up to a leading standard in accordance with member requirements and now has a sustainable ethos at the heart of the agreement. 

The new framework will now be known as Sustainable Furniture Solutions and will offer the same services as the previous agreement with new offerings which are detailed below. 


Lot 1 – Circular Economy Solutions 

The first section of the new agreement is one of its leading areas and covers services and solutions relating to Circular Economy. These services and solutions are covered under its 5 sub lots; Refurbishment and Repair, Sustainable Furniture Design for Projects, E-Marketplace, Furniture as a Service and a One Stop Shop lot. 

This is a very new offering to the marketplace and more information about what the Circular Economy lots can support you with can be seen on the framework page and in the bespoke user guide. 


Lot 2 – Supply and Installation 

Lot 2 covers the more similar area of supply and installation and included within its sub lots are, Office and Catering, Residential, At-Home (Office at Home) and Beds and Mattresses.  

As before there are the more typical areas covered by this Lot group but also with feedback from the tender working party, a Lot for At Home office supply and installation has been included to keep up with the demand, choices and new ways of working that the pandemic has brought about. 


Lot 3 : Specialist 

The Lot 3 sub lots cover furniture of a more specialist nature, this includes IT/AV Integrated, Security Furniture, Laboratory Furniture and Auditoria and Arena Seating Solutions. 


This is a new innovative and flexible framework to help and support all of our members during the coming years. Should you wish to discuss with us how best to use this framework or have any other related issues such as social value, please contact Contract Manager Myles Woodman on  [email protected]  or 0161 974 0945. 

  The CPL Group offer procurement consultancy services which are delivered by our employed team of procurement professionals at Tenet Education Services.  If you do not have the time or expertise within your organisation to manage a complex tender, please contact Craig Lockley on  [email protected]  or  07535 650629 for a no-obligation discussion.