18th Mar 2014

Further to the article placed in the February newsletter I am pleased to be able to inform you that the Soft Furnishings Framework was launched on Monday 3 March 2014.

The supplier induction meetings took place on 6 and 10 February and supplier feedback from these was very positive. Out of the 11 suppliers who have been awarded a place on the framework, only 4 of these were suppliers on the previous framework.

The framework has been split into 3 lots, Bedding and Bathroom Textiles (including Bedding Packs), Student Starter Packs and Window Coverings. Full supplier details, along with the User Guide are available on the CPC website and we hope this framework will be of interest and benefit to members.

Please contact Keeley Blackburn [email protected], Contracts and Procurement Officer if you have any questions around this framework.