27th Jun 2014

Review of Electronic Components Framework

Adrian recently attended the working party review meeting for the Electronic Components framework with representatives from the HE Consortia and Universities. Framework usage is developing well with our members, unfortunately there still appears to be a lot of spend going through the previous Premier Farnell/ CPC route rather than the Onecall channel. We would be grateful if you could please let colleagues know that there are savings to be made by purchasing through Onecall as this route has the best available discounts. Purchases not made through Onecall will not count as going through the framework; Onecall is the compliant route for using this framework being the purchasing channel for Premier Farnell/ CPC products. If in any doubt, or if you want assistance in aligning or setting up your accounts please contact the Onecall account team:


Direct Line: 08447 11 11 33

Or Howard Peat, email:

Spend through RS Components Ltd is also increasing and please remember that Rapid Electronics are not willing to support CPC members through the framework. We would recommend using Onecall or RS Components Ltd for Lot 1 Electronic Components and Service Aids as they offer great discounts and support as well as being keen to work with CPC members through this extremely successful framework. Lot 4: Batteries usage is also increasing.

If your institution is stocking up over the summer for the new term on products available under the framework we hope you will consider using it and letting us know how you get on. There is a comprehensive User Guide available from the CPC website. The full list of suppliers on the framework is:

Lot 1: Electronic Components and Service Aids


RS Components Ltd

Lot 4: Batteries





If you have any queries about this framework, please contact Adrian Davies, Contracting Manager.