1st Feb 2015

We have some fantastic news to update our members with as we have recently been working closely with Lyreco to the benefit our members who will be pleased to hear that they have agreed to hold the new framework pricing for a further period of 12 months (until the 31st December 2015). This offers an extended assurance on Lyreco's competitive pricing. The new prices were implemented on the 1st August 2014 and this means you can take advantage of this saving on behalf of your institutions.

CPC recognise that there has recently been some feedback from members about price increases via the new Lyreco framework. We have investigated this in depth and we can advise that in some cases members may have seen a slight increase in prices due to the categorisation of core and non-core products. However when you compare the prices of the most popular products against the Lyreco framework, we can confidently say that members will still be receiving very competitive pricing. To reassure you of this factor, we have interacted with some of our members in the last quarter and they have carried out some independent benchmarking exercises which agree with our findings.

Please see some of the latest feedback for January 2015:

Jackie Jennings- Nelson & Colne College quoted "When the new prices came through to me from Lyreco, I checked a couple of products prices and thought these prices had gone up a lot. I rang up the new representative who is based at Lyreco and she sent me the core list, which I compared with our core list, and some items had gone up some core items had come down.

I sent our Lyreco core list of products (without product codes and pricing) to compare with local stationers. On comparing the information I had in front of me and looking at Lyreco prices for main items for example envelopes, other suppliers could not compete with Lyreco. This, along with the delivery service they offer meant Lyreco was best value for money."

CPC in conjunction with NWUPC has also compared Lyreco pricing offered under the current framework against the old framework based on usage figures. The result is an overall saving of 4.2% which demonstrates that the current framework is even more competitive.

We hope you have found this information update useful but if you have any additional feedback or require some further support please speak to your Lyreco account manager or contact Ranjana Kapur, Senior Procurement Officer at CPC at [email protected].