1st Mar 2016

CPC are delighted to announce that we have been invited to present about UK Education Sector Procurement and to engage with suppliers at a Procurement Partnering Conference Event taking place in South Korea on 13th May. The aim of the conference is to promote engagement between UK and South Korean suppliers and manufacturers.

The organisers of the event, Kotra, are very keen for UK based suppliers to potentially benefit from this opportunity and we have shared details of the event with CPC suppliers. If you work with any organisations that might be interested in the event, we would be grateful if you could please forward on the attached flyer which has more details and contact information for Kotra.

This is an extremely exciting opportunity for CPC and we are very grateful to our colleagues at DfE who suggested CPC might be able to present at the event. We are aware that some of our members already work in South Korea and we hope this event might be of interest to some member departments as well.

We are shortly going to circulate a brief survey to members asking for questions or comments that might be helpful to suppliers looking to start work with the UK Education sector. If you have any suggestions in advance of the survey that you think might be helpful to suppliers or if you have any questions for CPC about the event please contact Adrian Davies ([email protected]), Contracting Manager who will be attending on behalf of CPC.