2nd Mar 2017

A recent Procurement Policy Note issued by Crown Commercial Service (CCS) advises that the CCS’s Mystery Shopper team is now actively following up to check how contracting authorities (who are reported to the service by suppliers) have implemented their recommendations.

This means that now the investigation doesn’t end when contracting authorities say they will make changes - the Mystery Shopper team is following up to make sure that changes were made.

Suppliers already know they can contact the Mystery Shopper team to raise issues about a procurement and the team then works with the supplier and the authority to broker a result. In many cases, recommendations are agreed with the bodies to make changes to future procurements, and details of these cases are then published.

The results of the follow-up investigations will be published every month alongside the usual Mystery Shopper publication. You can find out more information about CCS’s Mystery Shopper service on FELP.