3rd May 2017

Members may be interested to know that CCS has a Language Services Framework that is available for CPC members to use.

The framework provides all public sector customers with access to a wide range of interpreting and translation services across 250 languages and dialects.

The Choice of services includes:

  • Lot 1: Managed service provision of language services
  • Lot 2: Written translation, transcription and ancillary services
  • Lot 3: Telephone interpreting and video language services
  • Lot 4: Non spoken face to face and video language services by regions
  • Lot 5: Face to face spoken interpreting services by regions or a national lot

The benefits of the services include:

  • The regional structure ensures sufficient capacity and increased opportunities for a diverse supplier base including SMEs.
  • The regional structure also supports sustainable procurement by helping you reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Suppliers in lot 1 (managed service provision) will work with you to look at ways you can reduce your costs.
  • Fixed pricing model for lot 3 (telephone interpreting and video language services).
  • UK based, security cleared translators are available to ensure confidentiality and security.
  • Real time management information available free of charge.
  • Alternative translation formats are available including braille, audio, large print and transcription.
  • Secure exchange of documents available 24/7/365

For further information please see the CCS website.