20th Jul 2017

We have been advised that our supplier Banner are changing their corporate website address and internal e-mail address to In addition and specifically in relation to online ordering, they have some additional IP ranges that will be added to the trusted ranges used by Banner.

If your organisation orders online from Banner, then you will need to inform your IT Department of the changes detailed below.

What you need to do next:

Please can you notify your institution's IT department immediately so they can whitelist the new URL and IP ranges listed below which needs to be completed by 23rd July 2017.

  • Corporate website:
  • Email address:

IP ranges:


What else you need to know:

Banner ecommerce (online ordering) site address will not change. The new address ( is for their corporate website and their e-mail addresses.

Should you visit or e-mail anyone in Banner using the address, please be assured that it will divert to the new domain automatically, therefore you will still reach the Banner website or, in the case of e-mail, your message will still reach the intended recipient.

If you have any questions please contact Senior Contracts & Procurement Officer Majid Khan at [email protected].