16th Aug 2017

CPC members have advised that some are turning to leasing as a means to finance their expenditure rather than incurring direct capital costs which can negatively impact cash reserves. The selection of an appropriate leasing company (whether through a framework or not) ultimately rests with the member institution, but regardless of the Lessor, CPC frameworks can always be used to procure the goods required to be financed by that lease thereby ensuring you do achieve very best Value for Money.

Should your institution have a requirement for I.T., Audio Visual Equipment, MFD's, office furniture or anything of this nature, everything can be sourced via CPC frameworks. You do not have to allow the leasing company to undertake that sourcing for you as their raison d'etre should always only be the financing of the assets.

If you have any questions in relation to leasing or utilising our frameworks to source goods for leasing, please don't hesitate to contact our Contracts & Procurement Officer, Ria Logan at [email protected].