6th Oct 2017

To all of our valued members

CPC recently launched our Annual Member Survey. The survey is crucial to ensuring that we remain in touch with our members needs and continues to deliver a high quality of service that is tailored to your requirements. We would therefore be extremely grateful if you took the time to complete it if you have not already done so.

Your feedback

We do promise to put your feedback into action where required.
We were told, in last year’s survey, that our members appreciate having access to template documents related to our frameworks and as a direct consequence we have produced new further competition templates for 13 of our frameworks. Additionally, further Competition templates will now be produced and made available for all new CPC frameworks going forwards.

Start Survey

The thank you for participating in the survey is entry into a prize draw where two will win £150 donations to the charity of their choosing. We do sincerely appreciate your time in helping CPC .

Together we can continue to build a Purchasing Consortium that exceeds expectations.

Peter Brewer
CPC Managing Director