1st Mar 2018

The current agreement for Software Licenses – Academies & Schools is due to expire on 31st July 2018. In the lead up to the re-tendering process, we are currently undertaking a pre-market engagement exercise with CPC members and suppliers to ensure that the new arrangement is able to cover all necessary requirements and is as straightforward to use as possible.

The current framework is structured with 4 lots as detailed below:

  • Microsoft
  • Adobe
  • Other Off The Shelf Software
  • One Stop Shop

If you have made use of the framework, we would greatly appreciate it if you could please provide assistance by answering the following questions:

  1. Would members still like to have the “One Stop Shop” element included in the new framework agreement?
  2. How do you believe the framework can be improved?

Any feedback members can provide regarding the current framework agreement will be greatly appreciated. Your feedback is essential to ensuring that we can provide the best possible solution for your software licensing requirements.

Please email all feedback to Contracts & Procurement Officer Karis Lucano at [email protected] no later than Friday 23rd March 2018. Thank you.